Friday, February 13, 2009

The Color Red

Have you ever wondered why there are only 24 hours in a day? Most times it's not enough and other times my body can't take another minute! It seems like it's been both so far this year. Keith is settled in his new space and his clients for the most part have followed him. What a relief! However, he has grouped them into 3 days and is only leasing the space part time so that he could get another job. Target, here we come! Keith has, after almost a month of interviewing and waiting, gotten a job working at Target in the wee hours of the morning. (We need to hit DI for red shirts....) He is the manager in charge of signage for the store. Should be interesting. It's full time and we hope benefits come with it at some point. He had to go in for drug testing (hold the poppy seed muffins!) yesterday and we are waiting to hear when his orientation will be.

I am working about 25 hrs a week with my bookkeeping. I have taken on a client recently that is requiring a lot of my time, so it's probably closer to 30 hrs. But, this still gives me time to be with Gavin during the week and I love that. Besides, who can afford child care! It's crazy expensive. I have another person that is asking me to take them on but we'll see how my time is going.

Gavin starts kindergarten in the fall and we have been shopping for a school we like. Here in Portland, you can easily transfer to another school if you don't like your neighborhood one, which I don't. Kindergarten is full day, not half and some schools offer language immersion programs. Gavin says he wants to learn Chinese, but, oh boy...! I'm thinking Spanish. Transfers are a lottery system. You can select three choices of transfer schools and you get a number. When your number is draw during the lottery, if your first choice is not full, then you get it. But if all the spots are already taken, then down to your second choice and so on. If there are no spots available in all three, then your back to your neighborhood school. I feel like I'm shopping for a college!

Did I say I like red? It's a good color, for more than one reason.

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Cassie said...

look whose got a cute blog!!! So it looks like we might be in the same boat... Jeff has been thinking about trying for a job at Home Depot (an early morning thing also) we have a friend that works there and might be useful. He will need to do something b/c once summer comes, and if he doesn't have a real job, we will really be hurting. Oh Joy! well it's great to hear from you. Did Gavin like his Valentine? I hope so. Love you and Happy Valentine's Day!